Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

                                                                                                                        Guru Teg Bahadur Public Senior Secondary School
                                                                                                               A-BLOCK VIKASPURI NEW DELHI-110018
Common Application Form For the admission Under EWS & Disadvantaged
 Group Category (RTE Act 2009) For the Session 2013-14
 (To be filled in Block Letters)
Registration Number A.Economically Weaker Section ImageUpload
(To be filled by the School)
B. Disadvantaged Group
(Please Tick whichever is applicable)
1.Name of the School: Guru Teg Bahadur Public Senior Secondary School,A-Block Vikaspuri,New Delhi-11000018
2.Class: Pre-School Pre-Primary Class I
(in words) (if applicable)
3.Name of the child:  
5.Sex Male Female
6.Date of Birth*(in words):
7.Age as on 31/03/2013:
8.Mother's name:
9.Father's Name:
10.Guardian's Name:
11.Profession of the Parents:
(a) Mother:
(b) Father:
12.Present Ressidential Address*:
13.Phone NO. of the Parents/Guardian:
(a).Mobile No.
(b).Landline No.
(Required only in case of Economically Weaker Section)
14.Whether any house is owned by parents in Delhi: Yes/No
       if Yes,address thereof
15.Since when residing in Delhi:
Years Month
16.Toatal Annual income of both the parents from all sources:
17.Proof of income*
18.Ten digit No/I.D of Income Certificate:
19.Proof of Disadvantaged Group:
Declaretion by the Parents
(Name) Father/ Mother of
(Name of the child) hereby declare that the information given above is and correct to best of my knowledge and belief.
I have read and understood all the provisions of the notification in this regard.In case any information is found false or incorrect on verification,
the admission of my ward may be cancelled.

Dated....                                                                                                                                                  Signature of the Parent

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The management visualizes an educational system which will foster independent thinking, experimentation, universal values and service to humanity within a safe and nurturing environment to inculcate sound ethical values and simultaneously exposing them to the most modern technologically driven educational environment.

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Teaching Staff

The School has team of motivated and dedicated teachers employing professionals for top position from the best school. The faculty undergoes regular in-service training and is exposed to seminars and workshops to keep abreast of the latest international and national developments and innovations in the field of education.

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